Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LED Holiday Lights Are Brighter, Safer, and Save Money Over Time!

Shopping for lights can a be a tricky situation. In the past, it seemed like every year my family would need to go out and buy new lights when the ones from last year kicked the bucket. But the technology has improved over time, and fortunately for the wallet, the prices have begun to drop on the best lights, too. The debate between buying incandescent lights and light-emitting diode lights (LEDs) is something I’ve debated more and more each passing year. The facts are indisputably in favor of LEDs; they run with a much lower wattage (and use 80 percent less energy as a result), last much, much longer, emit much less heat than conventional incandescent bulbs, and the best part – when a LED bulb stops working, it doesn’t kill the rest of the strand! For a really cool infographic comparing incandescent lights to LEDs, Daily Infographic has the topic covered.

But the price of LEDs, which were at one point at least ten times more expensive than incandescent holiday lights, was a major issue on my limited budget. The tides have begun to turn though, as many major websites and retailers are embracing the newer lights at a more affordable cost. A quick search for 100 lights of each type shows an incandescent set starting at $6.99, while a LED set is just over $22.

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