Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's the Best Way to Report an Outage and Why?

The Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) encourages customers to report power outages through its automated phone attendant by calling (423) 282-JCPB (5272). Reporting outages in this manner offers customers the opportunity to take full advantage of JCPB’s outage management system (OMS).

The purpose of the OMS is to facilitate rapid deployment of resources during an outage event by linking incoming outage reports with outgoing service orders and mapping data. The OMS is most effective when it functions as a fully automated system that informs JCPB dispatchers on where to focus restoration efforts without the need to speak with affected customers directly.

It is essential that JCPB customers’ phone numbers are kept up to date. This will enable the OMS to quickly identify customers and their associated service addresses as they call in thus expediting JCPB’s reporting/dispatching processes. When used to its full potential, the OMS streamlines the outage reporting process making it simple, fast, and convenient for JCPB customers and employees alike. 

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