Monday, October 24, 2011

Changes Coming to Credit Card Transactions at JCPB

Modern technology affords us conveniences in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. In the realm of commerce, the ability to transfer funds electronically has revolutionized our modern marketplace. So prevalent are credit cards now that many people no longer carry cash at all. Yet, as with any advancement, unintended consequences are bound to become evident as time goes by. Regarding credit cards; customer information and finances have quickly become easy targets for sophisticated cyber-criminals and petty thieves alike.

The Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) is committed to excellence in customer service with special concern for the privacy and security of customers’ personal account information. While all JCPB employees are vetted and held to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, it is nonetheless essential for them to be removed from the handling of customers’ private information as often as possible. To ensure the security of customers’ credit card information, JCPB representatives will no longer handle credit cards or notate card information as of 10/24/2011.

So, what does this mean for JCPB customers who wish to make electronic payments on their electric bills? As of 10/24/2011:

1. Customers making credit card or e-check payments over the phone will enter their own information onto, JCPB’s secure automated phone terminal. While representatives will remain available to discuss any account related issues, they will transfer customers to the self-service payment system whenever a payment is to be processed over the phone.

2. Customers making credit card payments inside JCPB’s lobby will swipe their own cards at self-service countertop terminals located at the Cashier.

While these changes will undoubtedly take some time to be accustomed to, they will have little effect on the convenience of the various payment options offered to JCPB customers. However, the overall improvements in the security of private information will be well worth the change. This is just another way the Johnson City Power Board is able to uphold its commitment to excellence in customer service.

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