Friday, August 20, 2010

2009 Annual Report is Ready to View Online!

The Johnson City Power Board's 2009 annual report, "Will Power No. 1" is finished and online for your viewing pleasure. This marks this second year the JCPB has published a paperless annual report by creating an interactive website to convey its key accomplishments of the year along with comprehensive financial and auditor reports. Additionally, the 2009 annual report introduces JCPB's newest recruit, Will Power. Will is a fictitious character which personifies all the greatest qualities of JCPB's employees. He is a super hero locked in battle against forces of nature and inefficiency which constantly threaten the integrity of the electric grid.

The JCPB's 2009 annual report offers a unique medium to present an annual report and reinforces a departure from traditional print media which began with the award winning "Making Your Connection" 2008 annual report. After many months in competition, "Making Your Connection" emerged victorious having earned a gold medal in both the local and regional ADDY Awards along with two more in the international Davey Awards. While it remains to be seen whether or not the 2009 report will compete to the same level as its predecessor, JCPB and its counterparts at Stellar Studios hope their latest collaboration will be well received by our community.

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